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I was born in 1948 at Woman's Hospital which is now New Grace in Detroit Michigan USA I was widowed February 15,1991. I was married 26 years, I have 3 grown children who are my world. We all live within a few miles of each other. My children have their own families and bring joy to my life. I love all animals, but keep only those I can properly care for. I have 2 cats now and that is all I can handle without a big back yard. I am retired from the field of nursing I worked mainly with Assisted Living and Memory Care for the elderly I can volunteer now there is a place within walking distance I can help out at. I will listen and care about what people say or write to me. Please do so
Grand Blanc MI
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I believe in God
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I love to take long walks. I love to sew and create something that is unique. I love my computer. Email has opened up endless ways to communicate and is so much easier than a phone you can read and answer when it is convenient, and not worry about tying up someone else when they do not have the time. I do not own a car and I do not want one!
I am interested in anything I can still do, LOL I love to read and sew. I watch very little TV My computers are my entertainment.
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Anything BUT Rap or Hip Hop not crazy about opera. Favorite Singer Male = is Neil Diamond., Female singers: Cher, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand
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Nurse Jackie on Showtime I will watch any animal programs right now The Amazing Doctor Pol He is a vet and for anyone who can't watch surgery this is not for you. Crime and Police drama like Flashpoint CSI NY they have canceled so many hard to say TNT has some new ones Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes, & Southland are still new episodes           
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Musicals like Flashdance Sing Dirty Dancing Good Science Fiction
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James Patterson Robin Cook
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Deal with it and work on your own problem solving skills.
LPN on floor. at Retired LPN 15 years different places
Mott Community College 1984, I worked in the field of Nursing IN Assisted living and Memory Care

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You can find me on Facebook Karen Colton until I find a board  that does not expect me to conform to their way of thinking here. I do not expect that from anyone else, but honestly I am sick of having to explain this to everyone I DO NOT expect anyone anywhere to conform to my way of thinking. If you listen and  care please understand What I say is just my opinion. Can you? PLEASE do not judge me. I will not judge you. I only edit when I see my grammar and spelling is wrong. If I think I  will offend I delete my post.  Since I lost my daughter I am experiencing survivors guilt Can you please try to see I mean no harm and I do not need  the challenge. I have gotten better at dealing with it. I am just more aware of personal blame and judgment from others, it hurts. I used to put up a wall in my minds eye.

I just don't have the same ability now.

Kindness is something the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

(author unknown)




I live here in Grand Blanc Michigan

I love my home I have been here 8 years

My apartment at Perry Place
I am on the third floor I just moved into a

2 bedroom from a one bedroom in this

building on the same floor


I am always up late

photo 53cbef9a-3717-48a5-bb82-6f4da6123de0_zps3408c7e7.jpg

I lost this beautiful child of mine April 16th 2014.

She was 42 years old within a blink of an eye, she was gone.

Love who you can and never forget to say "I Love You."

She never hung up the phone without telling me just that.

There is nothing harder than to loose a child .

There was no warning!

Check on friends and family

who live alone NOBODY should die alone.

It was her heart an she was gone within minutes.

This was my family at a Happy Time

My tribe photo 83374a73-f564-47d2-8e0b-ac710de4c502.jpg

NowJackandmyself-1.jpg  Me

Look what, lightfeather made for me, she is a very

special friend 


PM me here anytime 

My favorite places to be are :

photo eyes.gif
My images are found here on yuku or
It is public help yourself


photo Beautyonabridge-1-1LADYPNKDRESSM-1.jpg


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